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Tips on using ARSStore.org to benefit the ARS.

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12 Reasons to use ARSStore.org

Target and Walmart Offer Free Pickup

Warning: Do NOT Use AmazonSmile!

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New Easy Access To Amazon.com

Bookmarks: For ultimate ease of use

3 Ways to Buy Books

ARSStore.org Earnings

ARSStore.org Committee

New Simplified Home Page

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12 Reasons to Use ARSStore.org

Save money & help the environment.

  1. Conservation: Avoid wasting gas and time driving to stores.
  2. Hassle Free: Avoid the hassle of parking and waiting in lines.
  3. Avoid Hidden Costs: Save the 60¢ per mile that it typically costs to operate a car in the US. Of that only 9¢ is for gas, the rest is the cost of car ownership.
  4. Low Prices: Get sale prices competitive with big box stores.
  5. Huge Selection: Perhaps, the most complete line of merchandise available anywhere.
  6. Good Return Policy: Items shipped by Amazon.com between November 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, may be returned until January 31, 2017, for a full refund, subject to terms listed at Amazon Return Policy.
  7. Convenient Shipping: Shipping options include lower rates or faster delivery times.
  8. Gift Wrap and Direct Shipping: Send gifts directly to the recipient with a gift note and select wrapping.
  9. Convenience: You can shop when it is convenient to you.
  10. Reviews: Amazon has customer reviews on most products. They are policed to prevent paid reviews.
  11. Easy to do: Always enter Amazon from ARSStore.org or use the link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect-home/amerirhodosococ-20
  12. Benefits the ARS: All purchases from the ARS-Amazon store benefits the ARS at no additional cost to you. This enables the ARS to support more programs beneficial to the genus Rhododendron and the environment.

Remember to use ARSStore.org.

Target and Walmart Offer Free In-Store Pickup of On-Line Purchases.

walmart offers instore pickup

Target and Walmart have an online presence similar to Amazon. The big difference is that while Amazon.com only ships, with Target and Walmart you have the option of picking up your purchase in any Target or Walmart Store.

Any purchase you make through the ARS link for Target or Walmart earns rewards for the ARS. However, you still have the option of picking up the item at the store with no shipping charges. Some advantages of store pickup are:

  • Items do not sit on your porch while you are away.
  • Weather sensitive items such as medicines do not sit out in the elements
  • Very inexpensive items where the cost of shipping would be far more than the cost of the purchase can be picked up with no shipping charges.
  • Large or heavy items where again, the cost of shipping would be excessive can be picked up with no shipping charges.

Warning: Do NOT use AmazonSmile!


Amazon has a program that promises to give 0.5% on each purchase to the charity of your choice. The program has 2 serious problems. First, the ARS is listed 55 different times but only one listing can actually earn money. But, even more serious, if you use AmazonSmile, there is a large probability that it would not pay the more than 5.6% to the ARS that the ARSStore.org typically earns.

There are two reasons to NOT use AmazonSmile. First, the fact that the ARS would loose the over 5.6% it receives on each purchase. Second, the probability that the wrong one of the 55 different ARS 501(c)(3) numbers could be used which would mean the ARS would get nothing. Let’s use ARSStore.org and not AmazonSmile and get over 5.6% rather than hoping we get 0.5%.

ARSStore.org has earned over $2,000 for the American Rhododendron Society with only $5 coming from AmazonSmile. Perhaps in the future Amazon will integrate the two programs, but now, the Amazon ARS Store earns much more than what AmazonSmile might give. You can't combine the two. Do NOT use AmazonSmile!

Advertise ARSStore in Newsletters & Websites

ARSStore.org only earns money for the ARS if people use it. They will only use it if they know about it. Please help by providing links to ARSStore.org in your chapter newsletters and on your chapter websites. ARSStore conveniently provides ads for newsletters and websites.

Benefit the ARS at no cost to yourself. Use ARSStore.org

New Simplified Home Page

The ARSStore home page has changed. Hopefully its new simple design will help you find what your are looking for more quickly. 90% of sales are through the ARS Amazon store so it occupies a prominent place on the home page to help you get there more quickly. Details about less popular items are confined to secondary pages.

New Easy Access To Amazon.com

Amazon.com (ARS)

82% of the ARSStore.org business is from Amazon.com. For that reason, a quick link to the ARS-Amazon.com is now placed in all ARSStore.org web ads. Just click on the Amazon ad and you will go directly to the ARS link for Amazon.com.

Bookmarks: For ultimate ease of use

All internet browsers let you create bookmarks. Bookmarks are the speed dial of the internet. Clicking on a bookmark is an easy way to go to your favorite web sites. The following example is for bookmarking the ARS link for Amazon.com, but the procedure will work for all 19 ARSStore.org vendors.

Click on Amazon.com(ARS) or to ARSStore.org and click on the merchants name.

click on amazon

When the merchants window opens up, go to the menu bar and click on Bookmarks and drop down and click on Bookmark This Page.

bookmark this page

In the Amazon.com link, note, “amerirhodosoc-20” in the web address which identifies it as the ARS link to Amazon.com. You can edit the Bookmark to add ARS to the name:

edit bookmark

Now every time you want to go the the ARS Amazon.com link, just click on the Bookmark you just created. [Note the screens look different in different versions of different browsers.]

3 Ways to Buy Books

Amazon.com has always been a good place to buy books. But ARSStore.org has two other good places.


Powell Books is the world's larges bookstore. It is located in Portland, Oregon. It sells both new and used books. If you buy on line, a portion of evey purchase is donated to the ARS.

Visit Powells.com

Calendula Horticultural Books stocks many hard to find titles and will donate a portion of every sale to the ARS if you mention the ARSStore when you call.

ARSStore.org Earnings:

After the third year of operation ending July 31, 2017 the ARSStore.org had earned:

Main Store:
ARS Logo Store:
ARS PayPal:
European Store:
Canadian Store:
Other Merchants:
US$ 2,645 on US$ 45,479 in sales.
US$ 30.00.
US$ 28.23 in donations.
GB£ 16.17 on GB£ 307.25 in sales.
CA$ 16.43 on CA$ 410.07 in sales.
US$ 35.74.

ARSStore.org Committee:

The POB adopted at the Fall 2014 ARS Fall Board Meeting specified “The Chairman shall choose six additional members to the committee.” I am pleased to report that the following have accepted positions on the ARSStore.org Committee:

  • Bob Weissman, Chair of Electronic Media who controls ARSStore.org electronic ads.
  • Dave Banks, Chair of Budget & Finance who includes the income in the ARS budget.
  • Don Smart, Chair of Fund Raising as advisor to the committee.
  • Glen Jamieson, JARS Editor who controls ARSStore.org print ads.
  • Dave Banks, Treasurer who determines when fund transfers are made to the main ARS accounts.
  • Tim Walsh, District 5 Director as ARSStore.org spokesperson.
  • Steve Henning, District 8 Director as ARSStore.org chair.

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ARSStore.org Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You really want to use ARSStore.org, but forget and go directly to Amazon.com. What can you do?

Help publicize ARSStore.org with Web Links, Print Ads and Fliers

1. What is the ARSStore.org?

At the October 4, 2013, ARS Board of Directors meeting, the board authorized the creation of an online site that would not be directly selling items but would link to other providers. The Online Store was authorized to develop a relationship with Amazon as an affiliate store. The Online Store was also authorized to use the ARS logo and name to sell logo merchandise. These providers pay a commission to the ARS on sales made from ARSStore.org referrals. These commissions from sales referrals come back 100 percent to the ARS. The store has NO expenses. [index]

2. How do I use the ARSStore.org?

Just go to ARSStore.org and from there select what interests you. Amazon sells just about everything. As long as you go to Amazon from ARSStore.org, the ARS gets a referral fee. As indicated on ARSStore.org, a couple merchants ask you to contact them directly. Be sure to mention ARSStore.org to them. [index]

3. What can I buy?

ARSStore.org currently has three divisions:

ARS Logo Merchandise (payment by check or money order)

1. Deluxe Logo Shirts & Jackets with the ARS logo fully embroidered.
2. Value Logo Shirts & Jackets with the ARS logo where the background is the material of the shirt. The quality is the same, but the embroidery is less expensive.
3. Caps & Hats with "American Rhododendron Society" embroidered.
4. Computer Briefcases with the ARS Logo fully embroidered.
5. Many other ARS Logo Items including: Aprons, Bags, Banner, Buttons, Calendar, Cards, Clocks, Coasters,Glasses, Golf Balls, Jewelry, Keychain, License Plate Frame, Luggage Tag, Magnets, Mugs, Ornament, Pillows, Stationary, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Wallet, Watch, Water Bottles, and a Yard Sign.

Amazon.com Merchandise (payment by credit or debit card)

1. Rhododendron and Azalea Books with reviews of 79 titles.
2. Garden Books with virtually every title available, new & used.
3. Garden Tools featuring hand tools, long handled tools, garden supplies, goodies for the gardener, and rhododendron gifts.
4. Many other items including the entire Amazon store.

ARStore.org Participating Merchants (check the merchants' websites for terms)

1. Powell's Books sells new & used books, but also buys used books.
2. Calendula Horticultural Books has used and antiquarian books.
3. Plus these popular national names: Best Buy, HP, iTunes Store, Microsoft, Rodale, Rodale's, Sam's Club, Target, and Walmart. [index]

4. How can I be sure of what I am ordering?

One of the great things about Amazon is the Customer Review section for each item. They are frank and honest and feature all of the reviews, both positive and negative. Before pressing "Add to Cart," first check Customer Reviews to make sure of what you are getting. [index]

5. How much more am I paying for things?

Nothing. You get the same low prices and the ARS gets a fee for referring you. A true win-win situation. [index]

6. How can I be sure the ARS will be getting a commission?

If you go to ARSStore.org and use links on ARSStore.org, your purchase will be eligible for commissions to the ARS. Note: with merchants who only accept phone orders, be sure to mention ARSStore.org. [index]

7. If I forget to go through ARSStore.org, can I still get ARS the fee?

No. The commission is a referral fee. If you don't use ARSStore.org or mention ARSStore.org, there is no referral and hence, no referral fee. [index]

8. Does the link to the Amazon ARSStore.org time out?

Yes, you can not stay on the Amazon site too long, or it will not preserve the referral from ARSStore.org. You have plenty of time to browse, but don't leave for several hours and expect the referral to be still in effect. [index]

9. Can people who are not members of the ARS use ARSStore.org?

Yes, most certainly. The object is to raise money for the ARS. The more money we raise the better. Invite all of your friends to use it. There are illustrated links you can use for email as well as illustrations you can use for newsletters and other printed media. Invite your favorite nurseries to add links to ARSStore.org. [index]

10. Why should everyone use ARSStore.org?

Every purchase on ARSStore.org results in a contribution to the ARS at no additional cost. And if you join Amazon Prime, you get free shipping and many free media downloads. [index]

11. What should I do if I have a problem?

Please report any problem with this website to feedback@arsstore.org. This site has been tested on numerous browsers including: Camino, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Omniweb, Opera, and Safari. It has been tested on Macs and Windows and on iPads and iPods. The only problems seen have been with some versions of Internet Explorer. You you have a problem with Internet Explorer, please update Internet Explorer or use a different browser.

If you have a problem with any order, please contact the store that fulfilled the order.

The ARS logo merchandise is sold by Hasch Daal Custom Embroidery, 57 Klines Corner Road, Kutztown, PA 19530-9656; 610-683-9920; Deborah@HaschDaal.com.

Amazon has a help page which should help you if you have a problem on an Amazon order. On the right side of every help page is a "Contact Us" button which will put you in email, phone, or chat contact. If you'd still rather call them directly, their number is:  1-866-216-1072.

The ARSStore.org Participating Merchants have contact information on their websites. [index]

12. Why does the commission on referrals vary from 4% to 25%?

At Amazon the referral rate starts at 4%. If 7 or more items are purchased in a month, the rate is 6% or more. It is 6% on Amazon gift cards, 17% on ARS Logo Merchandise, and 25% on magazine subscriptions. Typically it will be between 6% and 6.5%. The ARSStore.org Participating Merchants have their own fee schedules that range from 4% to 25%. [index]

13. Why does ARSStore.org have a Canadian Store and a European Store?

Canadians and Europeans can use the Main Store which uses Amazon.com, but the shipping can be expensive. The Canadian Store uses Amazon.ca, a Canadian affiliate, which carries many of the same things. If Amazon.ca has the item, the shipping within Canada will probably cost less. The European Store uses Amazon stores in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy which can offer lower cost shipping within Europe. Do not go to Amazon.ca, Amazon.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, or Amazon.it from Amazon.com. If you do, your purchase will not qualify for a referral fee. You must go to these stores from ARSStore.org. [index]

14. How do I buy from Amazon.com?

From the ARSStore.org home page, you can click on any of the buttons except for the logo merchandise and other merchants buttons and you will be in Amazon. Just select what you want and then select “Add to Shopping Cart.” Then continue shopping. When you are done, select “Shopping Cart” to review what you have in your Shopping Cart. When it is what you want, click on “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the transaction which includes prompts for shipping address, shipping method, payment method, and final review before you complete the transaction. [index]

15. How do I become a Participating Merchant and make payments?

If you would like to become an ARS Participating Merchant, contact the ARSStore.org manager at manager@arsstore.org. You must submit references and agree to submit a referral fee on each ARSStore.org referral of 4% or more to the American Rhododendron Society, an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For existing participants, the referral fees payments may be made through the Donation Links on this site. Please also send an email to manager@arsstore.org so the donation can be confirmed. [index]

16. Thanks to the JARS and the following chapters who help publicize ARSStore.org

Journal of the American Rhododendron Society, 2014 Winter, page 45-6

Azalea Chapter, December 2013 "Azalea Bloom", page 12 & Website

Cascade Chapter, January 2014 Newsletter, page 3 & Website

Cowichan Valley Chapter, November 2013 Newsletter, page 7

Danish Rhododendron Society, Website "ARS News" Webpage

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Eureka Chapter, Newsletter

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Valley Forge Chapter, January 2014 Newsletter, page 5 & Website

Victoria Chapter, Website

Willamette Chapter December 2013 Newsletter. [index]

17. I really want to use ARSStore.org, but I forget and go directly to Amazon.com. What can I do?

There is a way to make it easy: Click on this link Amazon.com(ARS). Then bookmark the page that opens and label it Amazon(ARS). For instructions on how to bookmark a page, go to the blog entry: Bookmarks: for ultimate ease of use. [index]

Click here for a printable PDF of the ARSStore.org Fact Sheet


Warning: Do NOT use AmazonSmile!

Help publicize ARSStore.org with Web Links, Print Ads and Flier

* When you access Amazon or another participating merchant from the ARSStore.org you get the same low price and a referral fee from every sale goes to the American Rhododendron Society.

To support the ARS, always go to ARSStore.org before making on-line purchases.

coverIf you follow links from this page to purchase any item, all commissions on referrals (4% to 25%) will go directly to the American Rhododendron Society, an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You get the same low price and help the ARS at the same time. Any time you go to Amazon from this site, or to the specific web pages of other merchants, referral fees on any item(s) purchased go to the ARS.

Thank you for supporting the American Rhododendron Society.

cover Amazon is pleased to have The ARS Store in the family of Amazon Associates. We've agreed to ship merchandise and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on The ARS Store.

Amazon Associates list selected items in an editorial context that helps you choose the right items. We encourage you to visit The ARS Store often to see what new items they've selected for you.

Thank you for shopping with an Amazon Associate.

Jeff Bezos

P.S. We guarantee you the same high level of customer service you would receive at Amazon. If you have a question about an order you've placed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ARSStore.org Feedback
Please send your comments and suggestions to: feedback@arsstore.org

ARSStore.org has been tested on various browsers and works correctly on Camino, Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, Omniweb, Opera, Safari. There are versions of Internet Explorer that have problems. If you have Internet Explorer and have problems, either change to a different browser or change to a different version of Internet Explorer.

ARSStore.org Committee: Chair: Steve Henning; Members: Bob Weissman, Dave Banks, Don Smart, Glen Jamieson, Sam Burd, and Tim Walsh.

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